Posted by: vlaertini | May 25, 2007

Pretzel Pose Yoga

As of May 26, 2007, I’ve reached 460 (consecutive) days of practicing Bound Lotus and still going for more! This is the hardest kriya (exercise set)/meditation in yoga and in Kundalini Yoga, we are the only yoga that practices this pose for 31mins. For other yogas, only advanced students practice this pose at the end of their set for only 3 mins. This is Bound Lotus but he is sitting up, not bowing forward:


So what is come from the kriya and all the pain?

One the of the biggest things that I have learned from trying to hold this posture and keep my concentration in tact is when a person tangles themselves into this pretzel pose, memories are unleashed from your body. Forget about getting out of the pose quickly—if you try, you might hurt yourself…..not worth it. Nonetheless, this entanglement thrusts you into confronting your fears and frustrations. The more you resist, the harder the kriya gets….mentally and physically.

So most of all this posture has shown me forgiveness and compassion….onto myself and others.



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